Finishing Things Properly

Posted on by David Turner

It may well have been noticed by the people who read my 365 Design Blog that I haven’t really been doing much on it of late. Over the course of the past year I have worked on some pretty cool things and posted up some truly awful pieces of work. For the past while I’ve been posting little bits and pieces up here and there and I don’t really think I’ve been doing this site justice.

As such I’ve decided to reassess things with the aim of finishing on the same note that I started off… enthusiasm and motivation to actually show things to the people that have followed me or that look in periodically. As it stands I haven’t quite met with my ‘daily’ design goal for this project but, courtesy of the days where I have posted up more than one article, I am currently sitting on 344 posts. One of these was an announcement that I would be working on this blog, leaving me with a total of 22 posts outstanding, whilst I draft this post.

This leaves me with a total of 21 posts left to get me to the total of 365 that is the ultimate goal of this blog. And I’m determined to make them something special for the people that follow me here and on the Twitterwebs as @HerrWulf. So, the next 21 posts after this won’t be dull sketches. There may be some sketches if I produce something awesome, something that I feel would fit with my aims for these posts, but I expect many of them to be images, code snippits or links to blog posts and projects I have been involved with.

Something to Say?

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